DO YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU is one screen interactive audiovisual installation. The installation explores how physical computing may be used in the context of Installation and Media art.

This project is kindly supported by Developing Researchers grant from the University of Westminster.


happy new year :)

this is a picture from the DO YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU in the Terrace Studios&Gallery from 30th November till 16th December 2007. now i'm getting ready to take part in New Research Exhibition at the University of Westminster


FRIDAY 8 FEBRUARY – 9 MARCH 2008 pv. 7th feb 2008, 5-8pm


marketing: sent a lot of emails – the rest is up to terrace studios and gallery management to spread the word :) hivenetworks are advertising it in their news page too.

here’s the postcard –> designed by ewen from terrace.

press release:
From 30th November Artist Larisa Blazic, supported by the University of Westminster, is exhibiting an exciting new interactive installation DO YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU in Terrace Studios & Gallery.
An interactive installation that explores how physical computing may be used in the context of Installation and Media art. The objectives of this project are to research and examine benefits of responsive environments, audio distribution, and to ask what implications its findings have on development of a laser driven, multi-speaker, interactive system to assure intense pleasure and deep satisfaction to the mind of the audience.
The narrative explores location as main carrier of meaning, the relationship of art and architecture and such dichotomies as concealment and revelation using imagery of artist’s childhood as a starting point and develops into simulation of a space that brings comfort. Combination of sound and video material are creating an opportunity for everyone who enters the space to say: I love you, maybe for the first time.
This project is created in collaboration Alexei Blinov and Wolfgang Hauptfleisch of Hive Networks.
The video installation can be seen 1–16 December 2007, 12–6pm Saturday & Sunday.
Terrace Studios & Gallery 4-17 Frederick TerraceLondonE8 4EW
Private view: Friday 30 November, 6–9pm
To get there: Tube: Liverpool Street, Old Street Bus: 67, 149, 242, 243Map
For more information please go to anda-n unedited projects


a quick update: boxes and lasers are made, mounted with hardware and tested. almost all is working – programmingwise all good, just waiting for alexei to gat back from amsterdam to check connections to speakers.

here are pictures of the latest developments –>

this was how box and laser looked like about a week ago – box stayed more or less tha same, but laser stand changed because it had to insure stability above all – in ored to have good laser – sensor connection at all times.


@ alexei's today – working on connection of usb sound device, amplifier, transformer and speakers. see pictures. it all works ;)

i was soldering all the "simple" parts of the amplifier: diodes, capacitors, etc. but when it got tough alaxei jumped in to rescue.

next: to finish this side of a unit we need to connect this to a hive device, a break box and sensor.

on the other side is laser – we need to sort out power supply for this. i think this is what we're going to to on thursday or friday this week… we'll see.


teaching, assessments, running arround spending money for the DYKILY materials, assessment boards, refferal tasks, module leader reprorts, openings, launches, meetings, networkings, new project offers… that's how a month and a half went by. all good -the majority of materials is in my hands. the gallery confirmed and published dates for the exhibition. waitig for alexei to return to london – and final task (before the production is in full motion): the ace application.