I’m overjoyed with these Rocket Pots.

They were hand thrown from white stoneware clay and colours were chosen to represent the temperature at the time of decoration. Blues are cooler, yellow warm and oranges and red the warmest.

The shape comes from the audiobooks I was listening to at the time of throwing. I have a love of 50’s and 60’s sci fi and I was working my way through Dimension X (Adventures in time and space told in future tense).

These are the trial run of the October project which is also looking promising. I’m on day 14 of documenting the month through line and the pots are looking very interesting.

I am decorating one large bowl and 3 rocket pots this month. Every day they get set out with a colour to represent the temperature of the moment. Today was straw yellow.

The colours are building up and I don’t know yet if they will be transparent enough to see what is underneath. Sometimes it rains and the rain dilutes the colours.

I am not in control.