The University of Sunderland futures fund: Douglas Clasper Scholarship for Fine Art is a grant for students of excellence to develop further their professional career upon leaving university. We propose to produce an exhibition project. As young and emerging artists on the contemporary visual arts scene, our goal is to promote and highlight our own practice, extend our network of contacts, and develop further our level of professional experience.


A young woman stands at a station,

she doesn’t know it well but she has been here before.

The train arrives.

She gets on.

Slurps and suckles of artificial sound,

accompany the feeding of a swaddled pack.

The announcement comes

She hides her bare chest

Turns off the sound

And leaves


BaseNorth is in Berlin and involved with the New Life Berlin Festival organised by Wooloo. The Sandwich Box, Wooloo project gave us the opportunity to develop our work around the idea of regeneration. This project is of specific interest to us as we used to have studios in the Sunniside area in Sunderland, U.K, but have since been evicted as it is due to be redeveloped into luxury apartments and expensive studio spaces. The Sandwich Box gave us a free mobile space to work in. We feel the lack of affordable studio space due to urban regeneration is a significant problem in the U.K. We came to Berlin to participate in the New Life Berlin Festival it seemed a natural progression to create the BaseNorth International Studio as a space to create new work, make new contacts and encourage international exchange. We will send a postcard documenting the project to both our new and existing contacts in Berlin and in the U.K. We hope to raise awareness of the use and cost of studio space and the impact of regeneration on artists. For more information on this project visit


Happy Days! BaseNorth is going on an Arts Council funded Research and Development trip to Berlin! After many anxious days and weeks of waiting we finally found out that our efforts had not been in vain. We will be heading off on June 1st and returning to the UK on the 10th of June. Our aim will be to network, make contacts with arts professional in Berlin and to conduct research on our personal areas of interest in the city. This will be used to inspire new work that will then be presented to our peers back in the North East.

We have also set up an account at an artists-run organization based in Berlin. The purpose of Wooloo is to foster new and relevant opportunities for emerging artists. We are hoping to take part in New Life Berlin which will take place between the 1st and 15th of June in Berlin. We have also applied to Sandwich box another Wooloo project, which will be organised on our return to the North East.


Anna Puhakka

I have been working in sound primarily the past month or so. I have also started doing some technical training at Isis Arts for sound, which has sparked off many new ideas. During this time I have also begun constructing drawings from old and broken headphones that I have been collecting. They are very simple but I find this new material is making me love drawing again. With these drawings I am aiming to come up with a composition for a light piece I would like to use these headphones for.


I have been setting up a project page on the wooloo/berlin website which will then allow us to apply for other projects. There is one really interesting project were you apply to get a suitcase sent to you which contains a tent, its then up to you what you do with it. I would love to put the tent up in the bridges and photograph it. I am also working on another project taking 35mm photographs of suburbia and looking at some older photographs I took a few years ago. I have uploaded a pic I love how I can see all these little interventions all around me.