On the 21st of June, I’m showing some work at the Width of Circle, a new, artist-led, gallery, studio and teaching space in Stourbridge on the furthest western edge of the Birmingham conurbation.

Solstice is a collection of drawings made by the wind and part of my 2017 30 Days of Summer project.

My work is very spare, very simple, hopefully very quiet, so physically the work will be very different to the work they have shown before. However, the impulse to seek out and connect with mystery, the numinous, to find magic in the world, that the gallery is basing it’s programme around, is also something I hope that I tap into with my work.

I am having the work framed at Harris Moore in Birmingham, I very rarely get my work framed and this is the first time I have been able to afford these folks, but the quality of their work is very good and, most important, they are really nice people, so I’m pleased they are able to do this for me.

Up until recently I was full of trepidation and nervous anxiety about the show, but I’ve just started the coding part of the Drawn project and all my thought is bent toward fun, digital creative stuff instead. I’m so easily swayed by my interests. They can totally take over my life, which can be both a blessing and a curse. At the moment, a blessing, haha.

Solstice will be on show at Width of Circle gallery from 21st June 2018 to 21st July 2018. Opening night Thursday 21st June – all welcome. After that, visits by appointment.