Diary Entry: 5

I gave a workshop at Width of Circle gallery on the 21st July in which participants made their own origami drawing devices and then took them on a short walk.

The workshop seemed to go well. A mixed group, including one child. I forgot to create evaluation forms though. People seemed engaged by the first part of the workshop in which we did some simple drawing exercises, drawing houses and thinking about mark-making.
I should have spoken more about my own practice I think.

The walk was interesting, we went along a local canal which gave us lots to look at. It was difficult to have conversations with people as we walked though, they scattered just as my class would have done, so will need to have breaks for the groups to stop and come together if we do this again.

There were satisfying gasps of delight when people uncovered their walking drawings and saw what they had made. It was also very interesting how they were all very different, just as the ones made during the SENSE walk.

Although the origami drawing devices are easy to make, they are not very beautiful. So I need to give some thought as to how to make them lovelier. Also, I need to think harder about the outcome for the participants. If they could frame their pieces in some way maybe.

Things to do: Research generative art.
Use digital pen
Think about outcomes for the walks
Keep a record of daily distances walked
Research tracks, paths, ley lines.