i like  to explore stuff.  the stuff currently is how to programme my first mobile game through a course on futurelearn.com .

a risk of exploring is becoming lost.  on the course i have been lost for 2 out of the 4 weeks.  this morning the unvieling of the algorithms section confirmed  why i have been feeling so lost.

programming is being presented as transposing the rules of the known physical world into code.

i have a creation project in progress and i’m approaching it from the other direction.  i’m setting up something that is unknown before it enters the physical world and invites what it is to be discovered through presence.   presence then continues to create or not to create.


the mobile game course had excited me but as i learn more about java and android studio i see myself craving for an environment where i can express my need for a chaotic aesthetic where the only boundaries are my own feelings towards that aesthetic.


so it’s a struggle but there are benefits from the struggle as it’s helping me with my understanding of the arduino ide.

i feel i can be open about using these various platforms as i see it as a painter might talk about oil or acrylic paint or a sculpter talk about plaster or porcelain to express their idea.


i have joined another course  the title  : creative coding.  i am so excited by the prospect of the course…. it  feels like the right direction to go in right now.