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i’m having a making day today.  yum tiddly tum.

yeah so ‘m having a making day and i’m having a bit of a block so have resorted to making via writing.

writing affords me the space to create from my mind and today that’s where i find most things happening as phyically i feel rather under the weather.

in my current bio i describe myself as finding ideas from abstraction, sport and play.  while working out ideas in my mind it’s amazing how much i can get done.  with the bdo championship on at the moment there’s lots of useful research to be had.

something i’ve also been thinking about for the last 12 hours has been the notion of the avant garde.  is there still an avante garde and is it happening away from the mainstream?  is there a paradox about the avante garde currently being how there is a need for track record and previous experience being so much part of being accepted?  if only i were a fine art lecturer at wolverhampton, surely i’d know more !

does the dart player gain from the energy of the crowd?  where does the artist recieve their andrenalin boost from?


i have been playing with the programming i described a few days ago as my attempt to make chaos.  i’ve reflected this morning that the programming is only a small part of what this work might be when on display.  there’s a whole installation view to consider.


is the noise of the crowd support for the dart player?


tum tiddly tum.


waiting for the block to wain …