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my post today is a thinking out loud prior to making a descision.  my race isn’t with demons, if it were the thoughts would be privately published in a password protected page … the racing demons reference is a bit of a random stab back into my early 20’s.  the game was played with a pack of cards per player. i can’t for the love of me remember how to play it, just that it involved a lot of us around a very big table.

and there’s the tenuous conenction to today.

my thoughts out loud are about making up a callout and wether to engage with a national project that i’ve been put off by local thinking.

the storey is involved and to awkward to quickly unpack so i’ll have a go at a simple summary.

a local project has been usurped by a national one.  similar focuses yet different approaches to realisation.  the national one is well funded, well suported and not very well communicated about.  ours is well meaning under supported and slow to get going but i still believe in it.  problem is that the group i’m working with to evolve the local project has skipped the room and backed the national  without any real conversation about it. that might sound awful.  until yesterday i thought it was. i must add that not everyone involved in the local has skipped to the national, however because those running the national for the group were part of the local planning, it has made the local seem a little untenable.

in attempting to write an email about where i am with the national i see an opportunity to do something local.

the focus of the projects is energy and the domestic use of it.  my stance on the local project was to make opportunities to get people together to do something light hearted and intentionally fun.  the message of energy usage being buried deep within the fun intent of the activity.  the national project has taken a stance of competition and racing, ie there will be a winner.  information is very thin on the ground but what i do know is that the race requires one to sign up for it and in return we recive things we do to gain points.  the points are not collected individually, they go towards the team that one is in.  the project will last for six months.

the way i neard of the national project left me smarting, i really don’t know wether to be involved.

this morning i have made a break through.

blogs at the moment are a medium that i feel a lot more comfortable with.  possibly the support of the an blogs account on twitter or the forth coming anton hecht  film … i really don’t know.  there is a shift to be more confident about using a blog.  it is after all a way of expressing myself … as a painting or sculpture is.

so rather than get huffy and talk myself into a corner over the way the national project trampled on the energy of the local project i see an opportunity to sign up to the national project and keep a blog about doing it under the banner of the local project.

as i think about beginning the national project i project local negativity towards it and i see i need to give it some space to be itself and to journey the path to discover what it is.  this way i can keep the local project going while learning from the national.

it’s not very neat despite the engineers being involved.

my person centric, subtler making friends approach is still my preferred way of working.  the outcomes are slower, difficult to measure and quantify but i believe it to be a way to benefit those who will engage with it.




in other plans today i’ve been considering what to say in the upcoming artist callout i need to create for the art walk and recording sonic components to go with the visual components created yesterday.

this mutiple project thinking approach suits me as i loose objectivity in my creativity if i stay too long with one thing.  it’s like the longer a session becomes the less creative i become.  that sounds like i am able to manage my tiredness.


it might be as simlple as that !