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i wanted to post my beginning notes for my global essay, fictional notes for a work yet to be made.  i’ve renewed my membership so i’m all legitimised to do so.

my notes begin in a business place some years ago.  something happens and there appears to be several explanations of why it happened.  in the majority of cases a single timeline is credible and accepted and life continues as peace prevails.

fast forward to a time near today.  ripples from the inital happening are still being felt in seemingly gentle almost unoticable forms until something else happens as a result of lots of almost unseeable goings on, well unseeable but  actually in plane site.

12 year old boys use their smartphones to show their school peers images of painful and life threatening happenings and school policies stumble to prevent or control.

in political spheres broadcast media is used to back up the ongoing agenda while fronting this out with palletible words of comfort.

digging by interested parties continue to unearth parts of the storey missing from the business place adventure.

small groups meet to plan what happens next.  consideration of taxation of an important commodity, centralised governance to make the paperwork easier.

all done with much sugar in the tea made available for all to drink.

all the time, all things are made palletable and websites specifically website specialist in people to people make it easy for others to see our empathy with matters pertaining to global happening.  supreme under the counter stuff.

this is further backed up and soothed by freindly outlines colouring themselves in significant colour.

happenings on a global scale, freindly peaceful all with love and empathy.

notes to continue. fiction yet to be constructed.  work yet to be made.  small groups to gather, freindly good descisions to be made in friendly meaningful helpful manner.