BA (Hons) Art, Philosophy, Contemporary practices is fusion of fine art practice, history and theory and philosophy. Phew!


Today is my second last day in uni, the degree show is over and I am in the midst of clearing out the space, and painting (badly) the grey wall back to white. They said we should return the studio to how it was, so that means I should paint half my wall blue, throw some resin and tar over it, and cover the floor with plaster….

I am happy (very) with my degree results, but it has left me in a conumdrum of whether should I stay or should I go somewhere else for masters…who knows!

Feel incredibly deflated post degree show, no one tells you how anti climatic it can be once it has sucked out your blood and left you in the corner. Some people had roaring sucess in newspapers, gallery offers, sales…

I didn't. Alas. But my work was always about the process and the slow burn, so I'll burn slow instead…


Assessment is over.

Oral presentation with external examiner, over.

Degree results due to be posted on the noticeboard at 5pm, my life is over.

Degree show previews tomorrow, everything is far from over!!!!

Watch this space, I will become Kamera and take lots of snappy snaps of the show, alongside some personal faves…


That's it… the end. Work is up for assessment as of 9.30am tomorrow… there's nothing but I can do but wait. And collect the mass of cleaning products and art materials i left outisde the door, hope it's still there in the morning.

Hope to tell you more tomorrow, soooo tired. Ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in the studio today. And it didn't save me that much time either.


But at least I met Dave Gorman though!


What a fumey studio. Everyone except me has been painting their floors at some point in the past few days and it's really giving me a headache. Not to mention the various 'injuries' i have acquired with a hammer, drill, and sawdust (don't ask!)

Getting back to the work though and not my general whining, I have finally finished one (the first and only so far) scroll!!!10m!!! Of the word 'enclose'… it took soooo long!

And I also set up the darkroom chemicals (adding the the lack of fresh air in our space) and took a 20 minute exposure. It was really interesting as i didn't feature at all in the photograph even though I was a constant in its frame. It was a long enough exposure however, being indoors and the window being blocked by boardings, but the as the light filtered down, more and more of the image appeared.

cool! Gonna take more tomorrow…

… still way behind though :(

But at least I met Dave Gorman!


yadda yadda yadda.

not such a good day…

But at least I met Dave Gorman!