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We’ve been flat out busy. We made our selection for the newspaper, laid it out and are preparing to send it to the printers on Monday with proofreading and final amends this week. It’s more like a booklet than a newspaper so maybe we should start calling it a publication instead of a newspaper?

We’re delighted to announce our list of contributors:

Amber Agha, Anna-Maria Amato, Teri Anderson, Mr Anon, Amelia Baron, Ben Barton, Chloe Belcher, Sue Bevan, Simon Bolton, Alice Bradshaw, Elise Broadway, Spencer Brown, Emma Burleigh, Robert P. Clarke, Bob Clayden, Donna Coleman, Klara Cservenka, Paula de Sousa, Lita Doolan, Eddy Dreadnought, Oliver East, Roderick Huw Evans, Donald Falconer, Ben Gaffrey, Sue Gardiner, Vanessa Haley, Laura Harris, Andy Hollinghurst, Hannah Honeywill, Brian Horton, Janice Howard, Janina Karpinska, Saima Kaur, Brian Kielt, Mel Kirkham & Yasmin Baddley, Mary Lee-Slade, Alison Little, Nicolette Loizou, Christopher Marsh, Nick Maynard, Patti Mckenna-Jones, Gill Melling, Nazanin Moradi, Cynthia Morrison, Diane Murphy, Ben NCM, Debbie Nicholson Wood, Henry Noyes, John O’Hare, Susan Plover, Laura Potts, Greg Przybyszewski, Andrew Pullan, Bobbi Rae, Tania Robertson, Damian Robin, Katya Robin, Robert Roth, Amy Rowe, Robert P Ryan, Rachele Salvini, Rebecca Saunders, Jessica Russo Scherr, Julie Shackleton, Richard Shields, Lucy Simm, Marnie Simpson, Jackie Smith, Michael Szpakowski, Lenny Szrama, The Train Lady, Danny Verno Smith, Victor, Kate Walter, Brain Webster, Dan Weatherer, Emilia Wilson, Jon Wilkin.

Our launch programme (20th-22nd March) is also coming together and we’re finalising those details ready to publish soon. It includes public performances and interventions on the Penistone Train Line; on the trains for World Poetry Day, at Huddersfield train station for International Day of Happiness, Sheffield train station and in Penistone for Penistone Art Week. We’re working with artists Bob Clayden, Amelia Baron and Marnie Simpson as well as two film directors for the Penistone film screening event.

More information on our launch programme to follow!