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Last week we went to our Penistone venue The White Heart to do line checks in advance of our launch next week.

On the way over we saw a double rainbow which reminded us of our late friend, who we’re doing all this in memory of.

Line checks went fine and we were pleased to find the venue has speakers so we don’t need to provide our own. We’re going back this weekend for another soundcheck with a different lead and mic, and testing the mobile/skype connection as the venue’s wifi is not working.

We tested the wine as well, which is also fine.

Most of this week and last has been taken up with print orders and the result is we now have some lovely new cards, five A1 boards for the Pensitone Line stations and 1000 copies of Dwell Time stacked in my living room ready to launch next week.

The boards will be displayed at railway stations along the Penistone Line and will be on permanent display from next week, with artworks by Hannah Honeywill, Emilia Wilson, Richard Shields, Sue Gardiner and Dianne Murphy.

The boards are not quite A1 and had to be redone to a different aspect ratio (when the printers informed us that their A1 was not quite A1) to get the maximum pieces out of the aluminum sheet. But as it turned out, this delay in sending the boards to print meant that a delayed sign off from Samaritans meant we could add their telephone number on the boards.

We’ve also had a logistics riddle of how to get two large chairs from Leeds to Sheffield on a very limited budget (on the train was not a viable option). Thankfully we have found a solution within budget but that did cause a lot of stress. A poignant reminder: Keep in regular communication with everybody to make sure nobody is struggling with anything on their own. It sounds obvious, and it’s also true of everyday life as well as managing art projects: Don’t assume that people are coping and always check if there’s anything that people need help with. Problems are always easier navigated when the problem is shared and there’s more people to brainstorm solutions – definitely a benefit of collaborative working.