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We went to the Words In Mind: Understanding Bibliotherapy conference as part of Huddersfield Literature Festival today. Elaine from Words in Mind had kindly put copies of Dwell Time in delegate packs so 70 sector representatives received their copy today.

First session I learned about the history of bibliotherapy  and A Literary Clinic circa 1916  and books in the asylum / medicine for the soul.

Second session was about the 4 stage bibliotherapy process: Recognition (and catharsis), examination, juxtaposition and self-application.

Then I joined the Lisa Luxx’s reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss (amongst others) and wrote this:

Tired I am
Tired I said
Already I’m dreaming
Of time for bed

Early morning repeated
Yawning with zzz’s
Early morning repeated
Not enough of me’s

To do all the things
That I want to get done
And have time for myself
And have time for fun

But this is fun
And this is for me
And once we’re done
Time for napping it will be.