Fruitful conversations and online research have lead to quite the reading list! I’ve begun “Museums in the Climate Emergency” by Steve Lyons and Kai Bosworth and by the time I finish that I believe I’ll have myself an argument or something that my project can challenge. I’m conscious that in wanting reaction and if possible action then I must avoid neutrality

Next on my recommended reading list will be “Curating the Future: Museums, Communities, and Climate Change” edited by  Jennifer Newell, Libby Robin and Kirsten Wehner.

Plus articles on how historic natural history collections can be used to educate on Climate Change. All this I’m sure will ensure that I’ll be well informed enough.


On a different topic I’ve ordered some practical books on Zine making, secondhand from Abe Books. I prefer to buy from Oxfam Bookshop but they didn’t have them in stock. I’m looking forward to their arrival by post.

“Make a Zine!: Start Your Own Underground Publishing Revolution” by Joe Biel and

“Watcha Mean, What’s a Zine? : The Art of Making Zines & Mini Comics” by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson.

Good job I’m a bookworm :)


It’s been quite a week! I feel I’ve made lots of progress although admittedly much of it has taken the form of scribbled notes, sketches and thoughts ripening into ideas in my head.

It was good to touch base with Matt Roberts, you can’t ever underestimate the advantage of critical feedback from someone who has known your art practice for years. We were able to discuss EcologyNOW and its potential as a museum intervention in the context of my past projects, like ‘Casket’ and the ‘Harold Thomas Collection’.

Talks with my liaison contact at The University of Birmingham* UOB have also been productive. It’s great when you work with someone who is equally enthusiastic and not afraid to bounce back useful suggestions/ideas you can incorporate. I’ve never before, collaborated with scientists  right from the inception of a project and it’s super exciting!


Discussing feedback and evaluation ideas with friends and family. Public comments are really important to me and I have found that if I invest the time and effort in the design then I get a higher response rate. If I start thinking about this now in the early stages hopefully I’ll come up with something attractive and fun that visitors will want to engage with. Will expand my market research when my rough ideas have evolved a bit further.