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One thing that I have realised through my conversations with tutors, peers and external parties, is that due to the scale of my degree project (or the scale that I want it to achieve), I haven’t got a clear idea of how my project might finally be disseminated with the world. It has always been clear that I want the project to be multi-faceted and multi-platform, using a wide range of media to engage with the largest audience possible. However, I have come to the conclusion that I need to decide on the final format of the project: how each disparate part might work together to create one large, interactive and cohesive unit.

The media which I am planning on using are:

  • Youtube (Video)
  • Social Media (Instagram)
  • Website/App (digital exhibition?)
  • Physical Display/Exhibit
  • Postcards
  • Printed Media (Book)

Some of these media are very clearly linked together: for instance, social media, website/app and YouTube, and exhibition, postcards and a book. However, having them all fit together under one ‘banner’ is the area I am having difficulty in. Ideally, I think, an app would be most successful – as it would be something that anyone could use and access, and would be a place people could use as a launchpad to learn more from the other resources/media. The only issue with this is that I have no experience in writing or coding apps, nor do I believe that I would have the time or resources in this module to do so, and would therefore need to export this task somewhere else… (which would require funding) I am also going to have to think about the ‘merchandising’ of the project more carefully – to begin with, coming up with a title that I can use over all media for the dissemination of my project.