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As I discussed previously, I have come to the conclusion that my project needs an outward identity – one that I can refer to it by to others, and not having to keep adding “degree project” onto the end of.

I have decided on the name: Endangered Plants Index  as it is a functional and descriptive name, which allows interested parties to instantly understand the purpose of the project.

In design for the logo, I wanted to echo the other large design element of my work: the botanical labels, and as such, I have chosen to use the Arial typeface (which is the typeface used for my botanical labels), creating a consistency between the design elements of the project.

As you can see here, I have made two versions – one with white text, the other with black. This is again a link to the botanical labels (as black and white are the two colours used in the labels), but also a practical measure, as there are times (such as when I put the label on the ruler which I will display next to the illustrations) when the logo will need to be displayed on a dark/black background.