there’s not a cloud in the #bluesky, it’s 25 degrees and unbelieveably i’m coming down with a cold !

i’ve taken sanctuary in the living room and time to reflect upon recent goings on.  the tired unhappy not feeling it place has passed and instead is a more upbeat optimistic outlook.



last week i caught up with with sue ball – the arts and heritage producer for the museum of making.  we sat and chatted through my working  prototype describing the transition to the museum of making – or if you prefer… the making of the museum of making.

during that conversation i did get to talking about not feeling like an artist – something i do slowly orbit.  the pressure point being what does it feel like to be an artist ?  if i were to be open and honest with you it’s possibly not at all about feeling like an artist and more to do with my perception of myself relative to those artists who are at the pointy edge of what it is to be an artist.




the fact that we were having a conversation about something i am making with a considered response to something places me in the field of artist and in the moment of conversation absolutely feel like an artist.  without the conversation it would be easy to fall into a feeling of not being an artist.



we’re about to start a sequence of events with derby museums #themakory.  it’s about a year to the opening of the museum of making so the makory is now coming into it’s own as a space in which prototyping of activities for the new museum takes place.

over previous months i’ve worked alongside the museum’s workshop manager and as he readies himself for the soon to be commissioned workshops there’s a space for me to explore on board the makory.



since having my headspace back for a few weeks i have had feelings about reconnecting with my outside practice.  it has had to be on a slightly back burner while my time has been taken up with programmes now completed.  its a case of waiting for the weather to cool and to step outside and get amongst.

we’re nearing september and thoughts turn to accounts and getting them ready for the accountant.  it is a real effort to do so however the reward of getting them done and sent early is immeasurable.