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we’ve delivered daughter #1 back to college today and now we’re home its all a bit flat and sad.

i covered my sad thoughts with mindfulness and concentrating on the driving.

thoughts did wander back to a conversation this morning about the recent news of how billy connolly feels his life is nearing its end.

that story set up a train of connected thoughts i shared with my partner this morning.  as i get older i do find myself being a little more aware of my own mortality.  its something i live with and spend time resolving as a thought.



the outward journey was made more enjoyable by desert island discs – jeremy deller.  as he gets older i think of him in a more positive light than i did some years ago.  there was a hint he lectures somewhere.

i didn’t manage to hear all the programme however what i heard was really enjoyable.

going back to the connolly thread – something i’m conscious of is wanting to leave something that exists after my death.  all the coding and other stuff doesn’t have that traditional longevity as painting, sculpture, books and architecture.  with this ambition comes a lot of deep routed feelings  and for now – leave it at that.

as i drove this afternoon i mused what i’d heard from deller today and the ambition to leave something behind.  in a shortened version of the prolonged process – i arrived at a book of works that consisted of instructions for the reader to be able to make the work.

i love this idea – its so (in no particular order)

  • non linear
  • led by the participant
  • open
  • mindful

i’ve sat with the idea for a few hours now and it still feels exciting.   i already have works i make for myself i can add into the book.

i wanted to place the idea onto my blog so i have a public record of it and somewhere to return to when i loose the feeling of today to see if intellectually the idea still generates a feeling i want to explore and share.