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reflecting this morning about the final session of a royal academy / artists rooms funded project at derby museums has placed me in a reflective space about the post i made last night.

firstly i reflect that when tired i am not as in control of my mind as much as when fully rested.  this is on my mind this week as we’ve been following the recent series on 4od of the sas inspired reality show.

the final episode is about interrogation and just how strong are the minds of the recruits.  this year the british military will admit women into all roles – including the sas.  the series is a good watch.

this morning in rested and recouped head space i reflect that last night i was dealing with my feelings of being limited by my disability.  a paradoxical disability because when face to face i can be articulate and different to when i’m on my own and wrangling words on the page.



this morning i have a sense of i don’t yet fully understand and accept my limitations – why would one accept limitations ?

looking around me this morning i see the outcomes of working to a deadline – the newly restored skirting boards.  i have a small amount to finish today.

working within my limits – that impacts upon my practice as an artist i sense this morning how having small goals set by myself to work towards are going to help me both work with the limitations but also improve my self belief.



small steps.


for now i hold within me the sense and want to improve and feel more centred and happy.


today i need to complete the tasks around the house.


i have a feeling of i can, i can, i can.  i take forward the notion of working within the limits.


as tough as it was to write what i did last night, this morning i feel the benefits.