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all around me is tranquilty and piece, the dog snoozing, the lights on the chrsitmas tree gracefully pulse and in my ears liam gallagher sings his hear out being a rock and roll star.

watching the documentary Liam Gallagher: As It Was i found the energy of the live gigs infectious, the look of the documentary inspiring and the underlying story of the man challenging.



as 2019 ticks to its finale my thoughts turn to the transition into 2020 and what might happen in that year.

i’m looking forward to 2020.

i stare out of the window and tune into gallagher for a few lines.  he sings about he way he feels is oh so real.

the energy i spoke of earlier comes from a feeling.  over the course of this blog i’ve reflected upon how feeling plays an important part of my practice and as we tick our way to 2020 y big hops is that i can connect again to the feelings that generate the energy and drive for my and my practice.

2019 has had its struggles.  2020 will too.  it’ll be amazing if i can embrace them and overcome them with higher energy.



my optimism comes from the imminent beginning of my start within the harlem artspace.  i am literally having a small beginning however the physical size of the space is not the main thing.

getting out from the house and the dining table, being with other people, sharing stories, travelling,  going to work – all of these are going to be so good for my energy and practice.



thank you 2019 – you’ve helped to set up 2020 for me. cheers xx