I found The Tee Sharps busking in Newcastle town centre, beautiful voices, especially when they harmonise, and a little more rare to see girls busking, (only really just realised that) The busking scene is amazing here, every corner you turn around there’s someone to stop and listen to.

Then happened upon these lot collecting signatures against fox hunting, great hand painted signs and good to see young people out protesting off their own backs.

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This contradictory poem by John Donne is said to have inspired Oppenheimer to name the first atomic test Trinity. It suits him down to the ground. I find him such an interesting character.

It’s understandable how life can carry you along suddenly into a world that you’re not sure is good or right, but keep the lid tight on the bottle and so you never need cry over spilt milk.

Not meaning this to sound flippant, I suppose I’ve realised how important it is to stand back and take stock…in advance, if that’s even possible?


I’m really looking forward to seeing Lizz Brady again – a Manchester based artist and founder of Broken Grey wires www.brokengreywires.com She’s popping to Newcastle soon to spend a day with me collaborating on a future piece based around J. R. Oppenheimer and his complex temperament.


I’m also hoping to organise some informal crits soon with Newcastle artists based in Commercial Union House – the very same building as Vane Gallery.

Will be great to see what happens behind closed doors on the 4th floor. I’ll post some pictures and introduce their work to you too.