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I made a little cyanotype den last night in order shield my painted paper from the light. It’s not mega sensitive so I’m hoping it did well enough?

SCHOOL GIRL ERROR – I put the acetate on the wrong way for a couple of minutes, so we’ll see how it turns out soon, it is turning though…

The negative image is made from one of my silverpoint drawings, I have enlarged, inverted it and added some contrast. Printed out on 4 pieces of acetate instead of one, I’m hoping the sellotape won’t show very much. (I can’t find anywhere to get large acetates printed in Newcastle) Any pointers are welcomed!

Later on Nick and I are giving cyanotypes on glass another go. First time it simply disappeared…second time Nick exposed the glass for longer but…it still disappeared…so 3rd time lucky? It’s very sad when a day’s work washes away down the drain, but all part of the process!

If Baker (above) turns out well I’m hoping to submit it to the Angus Hughes Gallery open exhibition…the deadline is today though, with delivery tomorrow, so maybe it’s a bit much to expect.

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