An a-n choice blog, read about it here (see March 2012).



This blog was made for the a-n web prior to the summer of 2014.

The art it contains was not meant for the post summer 2014 a-n system.

The video components have since been removed from youtube.

This work has had its day and is no longer relevant to the current environment.

It was good while it lasted.


Just a quick note to acknowledge Gillian’s thoughtful response (in the comments) to my previous post here on F O R M A T.

I still have my fingers crossed. I remain hopeful that the new a-n will be my place of choice when it comes to blogging. I have two things in-mind:

– I want to develop F O R M A T 2 to exlore the new site.

– I want to continue and expand EVERYTHING IS TRANSIENT and use it as my main blogging vehicle.

I just need to remain patient…


as 2013 draws to end

where exactly is the new a-n web?

autumn has turned into winter

the old site is clunkier than ever

the magazine is long gone

worst of all

there is a wall of silence

no explanations

no timetable

at least give us a hint

maybe even share the problems you must be having

during a major transition

communication is key

to keeping the membership onside



While waiting for the new an, I have turned my attention to the new axisweb. In a similar way to F O R M A T, here on an, I have installed a composite virtual work exploring the axisweb profile system. This work I call:

C O D E – for axisweb

I look forward to exploring the new an in a similar way!