I didn’t get any work done in college today, not to worry though I’ve done lots tonight. I went in with the intention to print more cells and sew some of the others together, but I popped into the other building first where the third years where preparing for their degree show meeting and ended up chatting with them about costs of the catalogue and how we dealt with other expensives like posters, invites, boards, lighting and drinks for the pv. I hope I didn’t scare them to much, I did say that although it seems like a lot to do it’s not as difficult as getting the second year show together and not to worry because everything just falls into place.

For the second year gallery practice the students have to find a suitable venue and find funding for the event themselves. For the degree show the Willamson Art Gallery hosts the event without charge, so it’s much easier. I remember feeling daunted by it all though but it’s a valuable learning curve. We missed out a student from our catologue and had to get it fixed at the last minute, it was an absolute nightmare, I’ve definately learnt my lesson on that one, no double checking anymore, triple or quadruple checking at least!


The presentation went well. I decided on both after all. I gave a short power point presentation on a few artists that have inspired me, my art practice and how it relates to the newly tried book alterting. I was nervous but it was over in no time. When the students went back to working on their projects I went around the group asking a little about their own art practices. I’m sure my art wasn’t as advanced as theirs when I was on my foundation course!

I printed more cells today, but I’m reluctant to print too many as I haven’t even got half the ones I’ve already printed sewn up yet and with more ideas starting to simmer, I don’t want to spend forever on this project. Unfortunetly I just don’t get enough free time to make them up at home right now, or I could be completing them in the evenings.

I went over to the studio spaces as well today and worked their for a short time, before heading off to the gym. I’d really rather spend all my time working on art projects but I’m raelly struggling with my weight and it’s got to the stage where I don’t really want to meet new people, which is a problem when you’re trying to get known as an artist. It’s been nearly two weeks and I’ve lost 6lb, only another 4 stone to go! I’d really like to look good for the fellowship show, I said this for the degree show and did nothing about it but I’ll do it this time.

The projects going well though, I’ve completed seven sewn cell thingys now, so I’m on my way.


I’m giving a presentation to the foundation group on Tuesday about using books to make art. I’m not sure how I’m going to show my work yet, whether I’ll use power point or just show my books. I feel safer using power point but the it’s nice to handle the books. I might just do both. I’m very nervous about it, it’s only 10 minutes though, but it seems so long ago since I’ve given any kind of presentation.


Popped into college today to see the third years. Didn’t stay long as I only had an hour and a half to spare and they were on their way to lunch. I’m not printing at the moment so it seemed pointless staying by myself to sew the cells when I could do it at home tonight.

Anyway I was pleased to find out the girls all got really good marks in their Christmas assessments, I think it’s worth about 30% of their final mark, so that’s really good news. I need to remember to look email one of the girls with some installation artists to look at.

I’m really happy with this new work I’m doing, but it’s so tedious and it’s making me feel quite isolated. Can’t wait until I can see the bottom of the bag.I think I’ll work on an image tonight to print up tomorrow when I go in, atleast I’ll be able to get something done when I’m in then.