Didn’t go in yesterday, I had a terrible headache so I spent most of the day lying on the couch.

Today has been much more productive though. I’ve continued working on the lung tissue prints, painting into them, waxing and ironed them and now they’ve also been folded to give them a flowery shape. My husband thinks they look like cocktail umberellas but I’m ignoring his coment because he also thinks my forest of books all look like grover from sesame street, haha, he’s right ofcourse.


Mette emailed me to say that we’re (the fellows) going to the Williamson Art Callery to talk to Carl about the fellowship show. I’m not sure what I’m going to put into it yet, I have to many ideas and not enough time. I haven’t got anywhere near what I thought I’d have done yet. I’ve got three projects that are possible to get finished for it but I’ll have to think about it before I decide which to go with.


I didn’t do much in college today. The third years were busy preparing their work for the options, so I helped Scot for a while and then went home. I took prints home with me though and I’ve been working on them all evening. I’ve painted into them, waxed and ironed them to give them some transparency, cut them out and started experimenting with different arrangements.


It’s reading week this week and I’ve also got time off work because it’s half term for them too, so I’ve been using my time catching up with everything.

I’ve almost done all the ironing and tidying as well as getting work ready for the Climate Change exhibition next week. The mersey bio exhibition is also well on the way to being ready, I’m just waiting on the spray to come to make my work fire proof and I need to price everything (which is on my list of things to do today)

I’ve caught up with sewing most of my printing work together, I’d kind of given up on it but I have had time to reacess what it is I’m doing. I had wanted my work to be more delicate so the last time I went into college I started to reprint my work. I’m now not sure I need to. It’s really hard making decisions sometimes and I find that without writing about my work in detail sometimes get lost. I think it makes me focus my ideas. So this week I sat at the computer and wrote about my work just like I used to when I was on the degree course. It was tedious, but has helped.


I got lots of work done today. I’ve been printing up some plates for a new project I dreamt about the night before last. I’m not sure it’s going to work yet but I’m very excited about it. I made a blanket for my degree last year that I was happy with but would have like to of improved if I’d had time.


For a start it wasn’t large enough, but I also didn’t like that I’d glued the piece together, leaving marks and giving the paper strength where the glue was applied, stopping it being as flexible and fragile as I wanted. On top of that I wasn’t happy on the image I’d used, so I’m going to give it another go. I’ve got to finish another project first so I don’t know when I’ll get the time to put this piece together but as I’ve finshed the printing for the other work I may as well get on with the printing for this one.

The students are going to Manchester tomorrow to look at artists books, I’ve been twice before and am hoping to join them but I’ll have to wait until the morning to know if I can go because my son had the flu jab and the swine flu jab this afternoon, so I’ll have to see how he is.