I’ve been thinking what I should put in for the fellowship show. I’ve been all over the place this year with my work and haven’t been able to settle on one area of interest. From my experience of the Mersey Bio show, I’ve decided to concentrate on my forest work. The solo show enabled me to display most of three years worth of work at once but it’s also shown me what works best together.


The space at the Williamson is so great it cries out for installation work and I don’t want my work to be a selection of pieces. But it seems that framed work sells better than 3D. I guess this is obvious when you think about it, especially as my work is made from paper. So I’ve been thinking about making a series of work that reflects the installation. As well as this I have started working on an idea that I think will complement the Forest. I was given the idea from an environmental idea I had to paint on a rhino.


I’ve developed it so that it’s made out of books instead keeping with the paper, altered books, recycling and environmental ideas of the Forest.

So far I’ve been working on eight pieces but they are very time consuming. It’s very simple, I’ve been rolling paper to form the rings of a tree. The different colours of the book pages that are varied from age and sunlight form the rings.


Had a fellows meeting today. We needed to discuss what we are going to present for our show. I was relieved that the others are no further along than me with their ideas of what to present. Mette is going to email Carl at the Willaimson Art gallery to tell him which room we would like if possible and a bit about our work. I thought we’d all be putting in installation work but it looks like only two of us might. I think a statement and photos might need to follow soon.


I couldn’t sleep last night, didn’t go to bed until 2 and I’ve been lying awake in bed for at least an hour this morning. I’ve been thinking about what to do next. My solo show in Mersey Bio went up this week and I’m feeling abit lost now.


I’ve still got the fellowship show to think about, I’m meeting with Mette, Phil and Karon next week to discuss it. I’d like to enter a competition with the bluecoat but it has to be in by the end of the month, so I don’t know if I’ll get it done in time and also a competition for a new building in Liverpool, again it’s in for the ned of the month. I’ll have to get a move on.


Just got back from the second year gallery practice show, Jigsaw. The space was great and although there are only about 16 students in the year they filled the space nicely. There isn’t much sculptural work this year which is unusual compared to previous years, but the show was still varied in medium and subject matter. I went over there with some ex-students that were in my year, I had a lovely evening catching up with them.