I printed to my hearts content today. I only mananged to get prints done from one of the three plates and I haven’t finished printing from that one yet. It’s going to be expensive to get them all done. But the results were pleasing. I’m not sure what I’m going to use yet though. When I printed these ones up last week I prefered the coloured prints to the black and white ones, but I thought the second run of the inked plate had a nicer result than the first run, but when I looked at them again today I just don’t know. I’ll have to have a think, at least they’re at home now so I can keep going to have a look at them.

The third years came to the print room for a meeting this afternoon, a couple of collaborative projects were discussed of which I’m interested in both and Michelle is going to be showing the students how to make and bind hard back books in May. I learn’t this in my third year but I’m hoping to go along and get a refresher in it. I have bound many books since then but I’m sure I’m not stitching them right.

Back in print again tommorrow. Time seems so precious right now. Because I work three days I only have two days a week that I can go to college and there aren’t many days left. I’m making the most of it while I still can.


I’ve been very busy between being ill and going to work making plates about the trees. They’re finished and ready to print. can’t wait until tommorrow to see how they print up. I’m hoping they’ll work well as I haven’t any other ideas!


I spent the second week of Easter preparing cardboard collagraphs of trees for printing when I returned to college. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday this week printing the first and I intend to continue with this plate next week. I haven’t got very far with it as I wanted to intaglio print from it and when I wasn’t satisfied I relief printed with it too. So it’s become a longer process than I intended, as I have to ink each piece up twice. Annoyingly as I was preparing to leave on Wednesday I had one piece of paper left over so I ran the plate back through the press without inking it up and the print was much nicer than the strong images I’d been producing. It didn’t occur to me earlier to do this as the I thought the image needed strong colours but infact run through a second time makes it look delicate, not what I was looking for at all, but it works so well. Now that I’ve had time to think about it I think it’s more infitting too with the idea behind the subject, of what we are losing by felling trees.

So I feel I’ve wasted those two days really, never mind. At least next week I’ll get more done if I only need to ink up the plate every other time it gets printed. Anyway I’m really happy with the design and at last I feel everything is coming together!

The tree rings came along quite well over Easter but have come to a stand still now, but if push comes to shove I can get them finished over the summer ready for the fellowship show. And the same with the Forest really. I have completed one of the tree ring pieces though and am happy with the finished look except that it’s to small. It was the largest one I have so I know now that I need to keep building it up for much longer, that one will have to be the smallest of the collection I guess.

I’m also getting some work prepared for a stall at a butterfly park that Carol Ramsay has organised.


She is doing a year long residency there and has arranged an event to get the public involved. I have started making some butterfly books but I haven’t got very far yet. I wanted to use the same kind of theme as I did with the ‘Butterfly Collection’


where the butterfly is kind of a memory because that’s all that might be left if they remain endanger because of climate change. So I have looked at British butterflies and I’ve written a small amount based on each one. I’ve printed the information off and for each one I’ve cut out the shape of that particular butterfly. I’ve sewn tham together to form small books.

I’d also like to do something about ladybirds. In 2004 a ladybird that is native of eastern Asia called a harlequin became a resident in Britain and it is spreading in number very fast which is a threat to our native ladybirds. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but I think it might make an interesting project and could be informative too.