We’ve broke up for half term now. The degree show is being put up during the first week back with the private view on Friday 11th. It’s the p.v. of the show I’m in that night too, so I’m going to be pushed for time going from one to the other. Mine starts at 7 so hopefully I’ll get to pop into theirs first, I’ll have to find out what time theirs starts.

I didn’t even realise until Carol pointed it out to me today. I had a big panic but I’ve calmed down a bit now, nearly everything is still doable.

I’ve been busy getting together images to show The Gallery Liverpool over the last couple of days. I really don’t know what would be best to put into the exhibition. I have started a new blog about my experiences leading up to the p.v. www.a-n.co.uk/p/635580

Carol and I went to listen to Dr. Timothy Martin talk about the life of Robert Smithson at The Royal Standard today. It was really interesting to have some insight into his life, I hadn’t realised what the man was about or what was behind his work at all. I have only ever looked at his land art work and found that I really like the intensity his earlier works. I desperately wanted to visit ‘Spiral Jetty’ when I was in Utah last year but it was a four hour journey from where I stayed. Even though I had read about that piece prior to going to Utah I hadn’t realised that it was his fixation with blood that led him to make that piece. I had been wanting to see it because it had been submerged in water for so long and was able to be seen again.

I liked the idea that others weren’t able to see it for so long even though they knew it was there and that it was a privilage to be able to walk its path.


I printed some more work today. Not long now to go so I’m printed as much as I can before we break up.

I finished painting the rhino last night and I give it it’s first out of three coats of varnish this morning, hopefully I’ll get it signed off tommorrow and then I’ll beable to invoice Wild in art.


Michelle ran a ‘hard back book’ workshop today. I took the class last year but because it was earlier in the year and I still had the degree to finish I didn’t put what I’d learnt into practice until the Summer and had forgotten nearly everything by then. Everything came flooding back though and it was even more enjoyable than last years class. I used an old print for the cover and some left over paper I bought from BYU for the end papers. It looks good so far, hopefully it still will when it’s dried out.

I’m hoping next week I can run up a few sketchbooks and maybe a book of prints too.

Tommorrow I’m getting back to printing, I’ve got so much to do and so little time to do it in.

I’ve sort of decided what I’m doing with the flowery shaped pieces. I’m going to continue waxing them and then I’m going to sew them togther and hang them upside down so that the image shines through, either as a sort of canopy or a tent shape, I’m not sure yet.


I haven’t been in college this week. My son has a chest infection so I’ve tried to be home as much as I can to be with him. Not that I’ve been home much though. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Saltney trying to get the rhino finished and on Wednesday I took down my solo show and ofcourse I’ve been in work too. I’m hoping to get the rhino ready to varnish over the weekend so that’ll be one thing on my list finished.


I’ve been rushed off my feet for the last week or two and I haven’t had any time to blog. I’ve been printing away in college, nothing is finished yet but I think I’ll have some interesting work for the fellowship show. I don’t know whether it’ll be framed work or paper sculpture yet. I’d rather it be framed but I’m itching to cut it up and reform the prints.

I’ve been painting a rhino for the last two weeks as well, not any of my designs, but paid work, which is always a good thing. It has a gold background which is a bit of a nightmare to get even but once that’s finished it should be fairly straight forward and hopefully quite quick to finish.

The opening of the Butterfly Park was on Sunday. Carol Ramsay made it a fantastic success with hundreds of people attending the event. The sculpture trail was well thought out with really interesting work and an interactive piece that the kids loved. The workshop that Christine Taylor ran was busy all day long and another friend from my degree course was the childrens face painter for the day. My stall gained a lot of interest but not many sales, that wasn’t why I was there though so it didn’t matter.

I’ve been cutting tree books and adding to the tree rings as well, but both take alot of time to complete. I’m not worried though because i’ve got all Summer to finish them. I met up with Carl from the Willaimson Art gallery today along with two other fellows. We discussed the show which will take place at the being of October through to mid November. I think it’ll be interesting for us to curate the show, hopefully it’ll run smoothly. We need to get statements and images ready for next week, which is what I turned on the computer to do, but as usual I’ve been side tracked.