Pores for Thought statement

Britain’s native trees will be wiped out if we are not careful. Although they are usually replaced when they are chopped down the replacements are often non-native faster growing species. Our trees are beautiful and nature’s pattern is being wiped out and redesigned. It’s not just a shame to lose our native trees though, they often house wildlife who’s survival is dependant on that particular species. This work is inspired by the patterns formed by the pores in trees.

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I’ve made some decisions about my work this week. I’ve been focused on working hard towards the show but without knowing what I can show for sure I’ve been going mad producing things I think might be more suitable. The problem is the work I want to show is installation stuff and the work I think I should be showing is the 2D framed wall work. I haven’t got much time to get it completed in though so I’ve decided to concentrate my efforts on the work I want to show or I’ll regret it and I’ll just have to make ajustments to displaying it if it can’t be shown the way I want it to.

I’ve been thinking that if I can’t display the ‘Illegal Logging’ stuff on the floor it could be stacked up against a wall like a log pile and ‘Forest: Lungs of the World’ could go on plinths although I couldn’t show many. The new work ‘Pores for Thought’ should be able to be hung like I want it to though.