So, while wrestling with some ideas.

I found one the best ways to show what depression feels like, the show the physical attributes.




The feeling that you could drown in your sorrows, and no one could hear you scream.

The pain of your eyes after crying so much, you just want to pull them out and start again.

Starvation but no hunger.

Eyes that stare into nowhere, hollow through an empty soul.

That’s why I decided to do a sculpture. The hand that you have round your head turning to the scratches at the back of your neck, the eyes one pulled one plane, starvation, the drowning, screaming, the hollowness and the pain all in one.

I did a few designs, based on research.

Then decide how to make it and what with. And then set out on creating the piece of depressions pain.

Through Facebook, I use the live stream, on my phone, to show the progression of the work.

I found this easier, than using my camera. For I found the my camera does not have enough battery life, to record process of the work, for dying every five minutes after filming.

I thought, if I live streamed it, I could download it, edit it, and then shrink it. From hours of work, to a minute or so of the important bit sped up, with some sounds or music doubling over the top, and removing all the unnecessary time.

But after I done so, I realise that Facebook doesn’t allow you to download live streams. Can get an app for this, but I’m not sure how to get My Laptop yet. And It’s completely obliterated my phone, before I could remove all the staff to have the space that was needed to download the films.