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To begin semester 2 I had a tutorial where I discussed what my plans were for my studio practice for this semester, and I decided I wanted to document my day-to-day life through my art. Which involves the work I had previously started last year as I still want to get my personality through in my art.

I began this by using a pizza box I had from lunch and drew into it the Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds as I had visited the Cathedral a couple of days before and taken some photos. Through my week I normally take some photos on my phone to document what I have been doing and so I would like to use these in my work. I also plan to incorporate the date into each piece as it will link them together and also keep track of when I did each piece of art. I want to not worry  about the reason behind my work so much as I feel it often stops me doing work as I think too much about the reasons behind the work.

Last summer I began learning some calligraphy by watching others writing on instagram and then practicing each letter until I developed a few styles I liked. I would like to use calligraphy in my artwork as I really enjoy it and I think it will work well with the theme of documentation. I could use this to write lyrics of songs I am listening to at the time or songs I am learning on guitar, I could also write sections of books which I am reading in my spare time.

So far I have completed four pizza boxes with drawings and writing inside which relate to what I have been doing through the week. I have also done a little watercolour painting of a slice of pizza. Each box tells a different story, and some have more detail than others. My most recent relates to my weekend back at home: my brother getting engaged, having a games evening and songs I am enjoying at the moment. I think once I have a lot of illustrated pizza boxes they will begin to look more effective on the wall. This could link to pop artist Andy Warhol and his repeated cans of Campbells soup.

As well as pizza boxes I want to begin exploring other ways of documentation and introducing new mediums into my practice.