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Thursday 28th of July 2016

The panels of the installation will be screenprinted with conductive paint.
Once dry, the print will act as an electrical circuit and more specifically, as a sensor.
I am planning to connect the sensors to a microcontroller in order to control the interaction with the audience.
There is a risk that the paint will crack if applied on a streetchy surface; to avoid this as well as to achieve the greatest results, I asked the amazing Faye McNaulty for help with her great talent and expertise. Faye will take care of preparing a special mix in order to allow the paint to be elastic enough not to crack and will also screenprint the panels of the artwork.
It has taken a little while to move from paper to fabric; over the course of the last few years I had enough time to work with paper. I am truly fascinated by the medium and the way it responds to paint.
When applied on metal it offers a curious striking contrast.
This time though, the artwork needs to take a different direction, the materic component of fabric, especially this beautiful neoprene coupled with jersey will convey an unusual mysterious layers to the final piece. I will probably be tougher to print but easily to transport and maintain.
That’s why these days I’m off to buy fabric samples.