nearing the completion of both the work in the museum and the non linear project, i’m sitting with an emerging sense of capturing the last throws of the building / recant phase – ahead of the opening.  when i say capturing, its more recording – here, the feelings and happenings on site and within the non linear project.



jimmy is one of the people on site with whom i’ve talked with alot and edited his contributions for the project.  he’d been chatting for weeks about not knowing exactly when he was going to finish on site.  when i saw this tweet, i have to confess i got emotional at the thought of jimmy’s time on the project coming to an end.  no more time on site with him. : (



as i continue to work towards completing the non linear project i’m now managing the emotions that appear connected to the journey and the people i’m on it with – how that journey is nearing a destination.

i think in a previous post i spoke of the feelings of there being too much to do (to complete the non linear project).  some weeks on and i’m not feeling so overwhelmed.  i can sense how the completing of the project plays out.  i can now start to imagine the installed work and visitors interacting with it – fingers crossed for the future.

in recent weeks, my time on site has had a different energy about it.  now with the objects returning en-mass the collections teams are replacing the trades people i’ve previously shared the place with.

i think i’ve been through a period of mourning for the passing of the building phase.

i’ve heard one of the collections team speaking of how the non linear work will have a reflective quality about it.  hearing this, i found myself taking a momentary step back to consider it.

i like that the work has been seen like this, even before we fully get to see it on site.  i like how the work might facilitate a small period of reflection within  it.  i like how already the work is being received.

to be honest i’m finding this phase of the creation of the work much more emotionally challenging than in the previous phases.  at a personal level i’m sitting with this and giving myself time to process it.

from a practice perspective it manifests as uncomfortableness.  yes i feel the fear and yes i’m going to do it anyway.  i acknowledge the uncomfortableness and a feeling of courage to be within this – to be authentic with myself and my response to being onsite during the recant.

i take a moment to reflect.

i’m mindful of how the completion of the project is now so close and at the same time am preparing myself for when the project is complete, as i sense it’s going to be an emotional/uncertain time.

for now i look forward to work still to do

  • filming around the recant
  • editing
  • add these edits to the non linear programming
  • finish the install at the museum.


… time for a coffee !