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with a need to finish this project soon, i’ve had to work on it again today.  working at home while the family are around can be a challenge if the work i’m doing requires a lot of attention.  fortunately for me today, i’m simply repeating a compression task, so interruptions for questions about printers and christmas decorations aren’t too much an issue.

after seeing sheffield doc fest is open for submissions i’ve been considering what statement i might write to accompany this work.

within the edits i’ve worked hard to work around the nature of the footage from a head based camera. i did take a massive risk filming in this way and through listening to what sue has fedback to me i am hopeful that a workable compromise has been made.  as the project continues i’ll keep an eye on the rhythm of the edits and revisit accordingly.

my thoughts wander to how this non linear film will become more interesting as time moves on from now.  does the further we get away from something lead us to wanting to see images of that something from an older point in time.  is this a way to realise how we have progressed ?  was this the origin of the concept of museum ?

back in 2010 i recorded this footage of a clock as i was interested in the movement.  in time i will have editted the entry to talk more about what the clock is, rather than as it was originally uploaded as a concept of something.

i have some footage of the grasshopper engine running before the maker faire.  i have a plan to upload it to you tube and place a link to it within the non linear film.  something else to play with and get to work !

today i have made compressed versions of all the narrative units of the k film.  my next production phase is to import all these into korsakow and start the process of snuifying.  i get a little bit closer to finishing the project.  what will the world make of it ?