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i’m several weeks into the filming of the second iteration and i feel i’ve not shared with you how my process and journey has been ….

so in the style of a recap ….

previously in the process …


feel – think – do  features in the arts and heritage strategy of the museum of making hlf bid

work continues in the museum with the collections.

over the summer i’m working as a part time lifelong learning programme assistant and bobbing in and out of the volunteer activities, chatting, researching and filming what’s going on.

and in post production … the process begins tomorrow.



with hundreds of visitors currently outside until sunday, small groups of volunteers are working on the upper floors with the collections team to photograph, measure and record hundreds of objects to increase the collections team’s knowledge of what the museum stores hold.  in some cases the museum database might say something like “box of thirty seven thingy ma bobs.”  together the box is explored and each item added to a register.

this second non linear film is concentrating on the activity of the silk mill beyond the public gaze.


i’ve looked over the rushes so far and i’m pleased with how they look.  for this project i’ve been supported by the museum to upgrade my equipment to address the concerns there were about the content quality in the first iteration.

while filming for the first i was also facilitating an outreach project at a derby hospital and when i reflected about this realised i would have liked more time to review and reflect.

with this project the production period is longer and this immediately makes it less intense than the first.

there are production elements i want to try to add based upon the feedback and experience from the first.

the non linear film itself will have a slightly different format.  i’m going to research a version that allows for continual viewing in an exhibition setting, this is based on experience of seeing the first being viewed in the museum gallery space.

the making of the first has informed this second production and already it’s feeling much less “arms in the air running around in wiggly lines.”  that’s a technical appraisal of how internally i felt during the making of the first where there were set public activities happening that i wanted to have included in the production.

reflecting now i see the second as being a much more considered piece as there is so much consideration happening on the upper floors of the building at this time.

with enough footage to begin the first phase post production process, i’m excited at the thought of putting a first draft together soon.  with this framework in place the next stage of filming will have a structure enabling me to see what and where i want to add more content into the film.

reflecting about where this iteration began, it was a lot less obvious what to do than with the first.  working with what i discovered to be happening, i do feel now that i’ve got through the most challenging period and from here am looking forward to it  becoming more intuitive.