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the collections are central to the museum of making.  they act as an inspiration for making today and for makers of the future.  with the building being refurbished all the objects are being stored offsite.  today i’ve visited one of the stores.

earlier this week i was at the first meeting to discuss the recant of the objects.



in the room were the design company, the collections team and volunteers.   we heard about the storage plans and rapid prototyped how it might be to recant objects into the second floor accessible storage gallery.  i love the rapid prototyping approach because it cuts through all the distracting conversations to the core of what the needs are and what might be needed to meet these.

i filmed and have begun to assemble an edit.



the store i visited today is a base for the collections team, the midland railway research centre and museum volunteers.  i learnt how with very little space the work of the collections team continues in preparation for the recant of the objects.   i saw how the 3d scanning work is on going and look forward to adding more footage of this process to go alongside shots from t2.



i didn’t realise the range of opportunities the collection management provides.  from what i can remember form the many conversations today, there are different volunteers in 4 days a week.



friday is the day for the model railway volunteer team to meet.

there has been a model railway at derby museums since the festival of britain and in the refurbished museum of making the model railway is to have much more prominence with a  connection to the midland railway research centre.



chatting with the team i got insight into their current challenges.  one of these is the creation of water – both courses and areas of.  it seems where ever i go within the project everyone has multiple challenges and these are being met with great humour and determination.



i include myself in that too – i’m finding i have an increasing number of questions all needing an answer.  the timeframe for this need is variable.

connecting with the physical elements of the project is helping me to build a mental picture of the timescales.   this  probably needs managing in some way !

… reaches for sketchbook and pen.