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since the recent arts and heritage meeting i have been processing what we learnt.  its been tricky doing this as alongside this commission i have other projects and commitments that need to be kept live and up to date.

in the meeting i spoke openly and frankly of how the whole process has been for me so far.  i described the good things and the things that were needing work to resolve.  i shared how in amongst this all the notion to keep filming was becoming a core aspect of the project.  the final form of the work might not yet be known – having content to be included being key.  for now content is most important.

no 360 video at the moment – my 360 camera being part of negotiations to see it being sent to hong kong to be assessed by the technical department of the manufacturer.  i hope for a speedy resolution and more 360 edits getting done.

there isn’t a set routine for my visits to film.  in fact being flexible is proving to be advantageous, for example the crane for the rear roof lift was several days later than originally expected.  it’s the way of the site that there isn’t drama if the plan shifts – merely maintained focus and getting the job done.






getting the job done …

i spend time considering how the final work might be in terms of screen size and means to interact with it.



in my previous post i talked about how i might prepare for the meeting.  i went way beyond what i thought at the time and shared with the group a collection of clips arranged within the application i used to publish shimmering place.   there was positive reaction to the clips and i witnessed first hand the interest in what is going on within the silk mill.  we co produced our version of events.

within the co-production method used  at derby museums, part of human centred design, there are opportunities to test out questions and ideas.  at a personal level i have been in many sessions where i’ve waved arms with pens and come up with ideas based on the question.  last thursday the situation was swung 180 degrees.  in asking the questions i didn’t know what we might get in return.


we spoke about how the work will be situated in the area that describes the transition to the museum of making and how potentially visitors might experience the work.

we attempted a piece of rapid prototyping and in the feedback session that followed i heard ideas expressed that had been briefly in my thinking in the past.  questions of accessibility and methods of interaction being expressed.



i found the rapid prototyping exercise and the feedback from it very energising as so many ideas arose that some of the things i had been struggling with near the start were recontextualised.

post meeting i’m sitting with how to process what i heard and learnt.  to find out how viable they might be i have everything to gain by prototyping them and sharing at the next meeting.  i pause a moment to consider if this might become an exercise in design and if so how do i feel about this ?




returning to the focus of maintaining the filming, i do live with an almost constant feeling of what am i missing on site.  this mostly exists when on the tired side and knowing i have files to sync at the beginning of their post production process.  i am learning a lot about a building project – renovation project to be precise.


i’ve needed time to process the meeting last week and to return creating after doing something else at the weekend.   my thinking races away and i know i can’t sustainably work that fast.


keep filming.  the rest will come.