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in the original plan, december 2020 was to have been the first open festive period for the museum of making.   following the impact of the covid-19 pandemic this year, we’re a little behind where we thought we would be and as unsettled as i am – i am ok about this.

work on site has been progressing and i was able to see this for myself in october.  while on site i filmed once again.  soon will be my last visit to the museum while its classed as a building site.



the above screenshot is from the work’s still developing human interface.  i’m pleased with how that’s going and to share with you further screenshots from ‘initialisation’ and ‘run’






work on installing the hardware is progressing well and it’s getting closer to when this will happen.

lately i’ve been reflecting on the self inflicted stress of “have i enough voices in this work?”  and you know what, i think there is and i’ve not fully processed all the content i have yet.

i guess part of the process is to wonder – continually !!