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so it’s now february and the internals of the museum have taken shape and the recant of the collections is well underway.  the non linear work now has a presence on site with the installation of the hardware.



this week saw a special day in the arts and heritage programme, red’s work was installed and both myself and toni buckby were on site with our respective works.  it was the first time all three works had been in the museum at the same time.  i was so pleased for sue ball of maap.  she’s worked tirelessly to support all three of us to realise the three works included in the museum of making.  both toni and i are still finishing of the respective works.  this week we’ve had a first look at the non linear work in situ.


following on from these initial on site tests i have an idea of what i need to do to further optimise the content of the work.  for example i hadn’t anticipated how the surround material might influence the sound through resonance etc.  again with this work i’m in a period of learning and applying that new knowledge.


the pandemic is still with us and my thoughts go out to those effected by it.  there’s a plan for a soft opening of the museum and i continue to work with this in mind.