On Monday we had our initial getting-to-know-you meeting with Paulette Terry Brien – a gallery director and organiser based in Manchester and our mentor.

We will be having further meetings with Paulette to help us develop our practice in the ways that she will help us identify. As a part of these meetings we will decide what other people we might get advice from useful for facilitating our progress. We have A-n and their NAN funding to thank for making these meetings possible. Huge thanks A-n!

The setting for our meeting was our gallery. Later we moved onto the Belle and herbs and had soup. It was really great both to speak to and hear an outside person's take on our collective and gallery. Before starting them I must admit I was a bit worried our mentor meetings would be a bit too formal and impersonal but on meeting Paulette these concerns went right away. To cut a long explanation short, we really got on with her. It was obvious from the outset she was taking a real interest in what we are doing – and we were taking an interest in her activities as well. And on a personal level, her being a genuinely friendly person made it all the easier.

There was some talk of the possibilities of becoming a limited company – the pros, such as the usefulness of this as regards applying for arts council funding, and cons like the extra load of paperwork – amongst other things that will no doubt have certain effects on the running of the collective and gallery: talk of constitutions and business plans that might at first sound restricting but should in actual fact make things easier and clearer, control and tame the beast, lest it pull us the wrong way…or not at all!

The next meeting with Paulette will be in Manchester which will give us a chance to see her own gallery, the International 3, and other similar galleries relevant to our own. We look forward to seeing her there…and staying at my folks' place.

Edwin x


We are now coming to the end of our second exhibition at Gallery Glue, Shop. If you haven’t seen it you should come along this week. The final day is Sunday 1st July and we are open 10-6 all week! We have had some really positive feedback about the show and it has been a great opportunity to showcase local talent. We have also been doing the rounds at some free festivals namely the Green Festival and Banoffee Pie Festival. It was great to meet people and spread the word of Glue! The research trips were a great success. We went to market gallery, glasgow sculpture studios and lowsalt gallery in Glasgow. They were all slightly different with their set up but had similar elements to what Gallery Glue wants to do so we have gained some good advice and contacts! In edinburgh we visited Red door gallery (this was more of a shop with artist products, but we visited it for research into displaying items in the shop exhibition), Analogue (a lovely little shop selling artists books with a space in the back to exhibit work) and Total Kunst/ Forest. Total Kunst is an exhibition space joined onto the forest cafe. The profits from the cafe fund the gallery space and exhibitions they put on and the food is rather lovely! Well worth a visit! Next month we are using the gallery space for residencies. A list of which artists and days will posted on here soon. Felicity GG