I suppose that firstly I should mention that I have received a kidney transplant and this has influenced the way I work and approach things significantly. There was a point where doctors told me that I would have two weeks to live if they didn’t intervene. This intervention saved my life in no uncertain terms.

In my work that I have on show for the degree show, I play with this intervention and suspension of the inevitable. The public reaction to discovering a kidney on a plinth in a gallery space is often interesting. They suddenly become aware of the reality of what's before them and question the kidneys authenticity. I can assure you it is real. They still want to investigate it though and numerous people take a sneaky poke to affirm their suspicions.

In Yellow Makes Me Smile (Poke) Smile a momentary glimpse of a wasp on a greasy lump of I Cant Believe Its Not Butter has been caught. Silently still. It rests on a thin length of wire delicately balanced almost just out of reach to the eye. When you spend time looking at it, you become aware of the sadness that exists within the work. It suddenly dawns on you that it poses no threat other than reflections of your own mortality. It’s kind of moving in that way. The title lightens the work. Suggesting that on a surface level there maybe a humour to it. The use of ‘(Poke)’ suggesting the brutal investigation of ones curiosity.

The works that can be seen in the degree show are as follows

(the numbers referring to the attached map)


Suggested Intimate Action

Metal pole, clamp, plinth, castor wheels, plughole, cardboard, sewn ham




Plinth, kidney, stainless steel




TV, plinth, wood, fly video



Yellow Makes Me Smile (Poke) Smile

Wire, tinfoil, I Cant Believe Its Not Butter spread, wasp (dead)



So the degree show aye…

Well its up. I'm happy. I have my grade. I had the most amazing time at the friends and family opening. It was a blast. Ohh and I hear there maybe a few photographs of me kicking about…oh dear haha!

I have had a wee mention (kinda a fantastic one) in The Herald with loads of really funny remarks on their web comments form. I urge you to add your own.

yeah… I've been sitting watching the gallery all day today 10am till 9pm… wooohooo mind killer! but it is funny still seeing people react to the kidney on a plinth. And yes it is 'really real'. haha!

i will write more when i dont want to jump out the window.

Over and out…for now.