Tears before dawn.

So the other day. What a day that was. Firstly the space I plan on using it full with crap… haha yes crap. :P

So i go on the hunt for any other space not used in the building. It wasn't easy and i ended up looking and finding a corridor. Now, usually you would walk past this corridor and think… well think nothing because it's just a rubbish wee corridor. Unfortunately in the state of mind i was in i thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. haha. so yeah i then also have this 'inspired' moment when i think it would be a great idea to paint it red. oh yes. But not just any red, floor paint tile red. and it was just that…. floor paint. haha woops. i did however managed to paint about three 8 foot boards before realising what i was doing whilst talking to Jac haha it is kinda funny now looking back.

Then i decided i should go make use of a bit of unclaimed space in the garage so I'm working away trying to get my work sorted for then exhibition when Tanya turns up. all she does is ask how i'm doing or something and i burst into tears. eh?!

In my defence i have had hardly any sleep and i'm still not over the 'break up' yet.

I ended up talking with Tanya for about an hour but it could have been 4 hours or 5 minutes it simply felt like an hour. haha. This talk helped… now. At the time i just couldn't take it in or think about the words that flowed from her mouth. i simply heard 'You're crap and you need to get your finger out and stop making shit work.' i was needless to say in tears after that talk too. It was too much to think about and it was mega hot too.

Hot + Tired + Crit + Break-Up = Pants.

I freaked out for about 3 hours after that. Not continuously. oh no.. just at random moments when i least expected it.

I messed about making things after i composed myself again. i actually had great fun. it was nice to experiment again. Without really realising it, three of us were working away until 3.15am. wow… that is officially the latest i have been working in the studio. it shuts at 9pm. haha!

The tears must have been in the air because there was another 3 or 4 people who also were complete wrecks by the time the crit came. there was only 7 of us in totally. That's a high percentage. haha




Some second year (you know who you are!) has, over the weekend, made a big installation in the space I am, sorry, I was going to use for my crit tomorrow. What a w**ker! Not only that but a fourth year has still not moved his work from last week.

I'm raging. I'm trying to resist the temptation to sabotage their chairs or something equally unethical. Ohhh… I could cut a centimetre off one of the legs on their desk. That would be annoying. haha! Gerr…

Having said all that, I'm actually in a good mood. Summer or at least a day of it has hit Glasgow. It's actually sunny and their could even be talk of a BBQ. Yummy.


Long day in the studio again…

my print has been printed and collected.

my glass … is still glass.

wood for frame has been cut.

the frame itself looks cheap ikea-esq

my crit is still on tues.

ohhh on another (crappy) note I'm skint. I'm totally so so poor. I have £5 to do me till next friday. woohoo… beans on toast for a while. And of course when you have no money you always need to buy something. My underground pass has just ran out of rides, woohoo for walking. 40 minutes to the studio now. yass…. having said that I walked home last night and its actually really nice.

Righty well I am going to give my cheap handmade frame an overhaul. fingers crossed it looks better than a cheap ikea rip-off, and if it does… well I shall simply apply for a job in ikea. Sorted!



I'm still…. note still in the studio I have eaten both lunch and dinner here. The good news though is that I have updated loads of things online… note the new blog section on my website…



You hear some totally hilarious drunk banter on Byres Road at night. It makes me laugh. Some drunken guy was putting on a funny but bad Skouser accent trying to sing and have a conversation with what I assume to be a friend but could have equally been his foot.

Glasgow you've got to love it!