So, its 4:20am in the morning and of course I can’t sleep. It’s not uncommon for me to be awake until 6am or 7am. Don't get me wrong; I get lots done during these momentary lapses of sleep and I do enjoy it in a somewhat guilty way. But I do also have the huge bags under my eyes and function like a zombie the next day; well either that or I sleep.

Yeah so I decided I would keep track of the goings on inside the world of Gary Bolam during the next few months. Well its actually better put in weeks. Or seconds. That seems to mess with more people’s panic levels. It’s kinda funny I don’t feel it yet.

Note yet.

Guess I should write about my work. After all this is all about self-publicity right? I’m sure I will in time but I don’t even know what I'm doing so it might not be that exciting. Haha I might not even make work that’s worth talking about.

Anyway I guess if I was to describe my work its like a little surprise. A cake with a fly on it perhaps or maybe a fly with a cake on it is actually better at describing it. It has some humor but a serious underside that could be read deeper. I (sometimes badly…) use repetition and quick assemblage. That’s mostly because I have 5 minutes before the deadline to make something. Haha. I'm sure everyone who has seen me work agrees.