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Lucky Socks


This is my online experiment just now. I need to show it for assessment but they have decided it'll cost £50 if we want to borrow stuff from EMA for the show. gerrr… I might just not borrow a computer.

Anyways my printer has been running nonstop for the last few hours… woo for research printing time. I'm loving the run up to the end. I have decided what I'm making for the show. I will have several elements, an ox kidney, sewn ham and a video of me and a fly propped up with wood. It's all a bit exciting.

I had the most interesting conversation with Health and Safety the other day in light of these elements. I was expecting 'no no no no…' but actually he was really positive and more concerned about my safety. He did mention biological hazard kits and risk assessment forms but basically he was all positive. Yeah I know. strange right?

so here is a few images of the plinth and the kidney for you to Ermm… Drool over, Ponder, hate? I'll leave you to contemplate it.