GAS conference St.Petersburg, Florida, USA.

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This is an amazing collection of works by Dale Chihuly. They vary in scale from table top to room filling installations.

The St.Pete Museum is part of the Morean Arts Centre and is located centrally within the hub of this city

The CHIHULY COLLECTION is a stunning, permanent collection of world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly’s unique artwork. This presentation is unique as it is the first installation of Chihuly art in a building designed specifically for that purpose. Designed so that the art and architecture work together to create a visitor experience unlike any other exhibition of Chihuly’s art. The Collection is marked at the entrance by an iconic 20-foot sculpture created especially for the site.

The Collection includes Chihuly’s spectacular large-scale installations such as Ruby Red Icicle Chandeliercreated specifically for the Collection along with several popular series works including Macchia, Ikebana, Niijima Floats, Persians and Tumbleweeds,which have thrilled audiences around the globe. Each space has been designed individually to complement each installation producing unique visual experiences.
About Dale Chihuly

A pioneer of the studio glass movement, Chihuly is credited with transforming the methods of creating glass art and thereby leading the development of complex, multi-part glass sculptures and environmental art. However, his contributions extend well beyond the boundaries of the studio glass movement and even the field of glass: his achievements have influenced contemporary art in general.

Over the years the artist has created a number of memorable installations including “Chihuly Over Venice” with the sculptures installed over the canals and piazze; “Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem”, attended by more than one million visitors, and the “Chihuly Bridge of Glass” in Tacoma, Washington.


A brilliant exhibition of glass was held at the Morean Arts Centre, Central Avenue, St.Petersburg, as part of the GAS Conference 2019.

This was a beautifully curated exhibition, which illustrated the breadth within contemporary glass work. I particular enjoyed the performative video works and was impressed by the technical excellence across all exhibited pieces.