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Here’s Week 8:

It was the last week of this R&D process.

And I approached the rehearsal with mixed feelings.

There was excitement.
There was a bit of sadness.
There was a lot of frustration.

And there was some relief too.

I felt I had enough material to dig into to develop the piece further. However I needed still answers to some of the questions I asked myself about the piece. And then more questions emerged.

In that rehearsal, it felt like I went full circle.

Although it was another departure from the process I’ve followed since the beginning of the R&D period, the themes from the early rehearsal sessions kept coming back.

It was all about mythology, being a creature.

Being sacred and transitioning from one form to another.
My hand gestures guided my movements, their pace and aesthetic. The series of improvisation became more ritualized as my body found numerous moments of stillness.

My head movements were not the driving force anymore but the main focus.
I finished that rehearsal on a high, feeling revitalized and content with its outcome.
I also knew I would have more work to do.
More research on all the references I compiled in my notes would have to be done.
More exploration of the themes which keep coming back would have to done.
More digging into the skeletal structure of the piece too.

But what was reassuring about that rehearsal was that the piece was worth pursuing.
In fact, I realized I wasn’t lost even if I thought I was completely lost within the process.

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