I’m looking at the gap between random and meaningful.

Where is the point where meaningful becomes random?

Text is one side of the point -> what is on the other side?

Recently I’ve been drawing blind – is this on the other side, or is there still meaning enmeshed within it?

My next step to try and break down an image til it becomes meaningless.

What might this ‘gap’ look like?


This last thinking phase has nearly swallowed me whole.

I was doing things the wrong way around, trying to work through my pile of things that need organising before painting and therefore getting very little painting done. (Talking about the last 5 days, but surprising how a few days of working in an unproductive manner can get to you)

The gap between random and meaningful marks. Concentrating on texture and surface as a considered part of my practice. The possibility of building up layers of pigment, with the pigment forming a textured surface is really exciting. Working intuitively again and less pre-determined than recently.

I’m considering work by Kwang Young Chun (http://chunkwangyoung.com) – I’ve recently visited the exhibition at Bernard Jacobson Gallery, Cork St, London
12 March – 17 April 2014

I stumbled upon it and the parcels (triangular) are wrapped in Mulberry paper (hanji) with Japanese script on. Discovering this was well-timed with the texture and script.