Mapping the building has made me think about ‘meaning’ – by recording the everyday and looking at in a new context.

As I begin my confirmation of practice project I realise that I need to be focussed whilst keeping an open mind so as not to over look the meanings in things. I have drawn – and been drawn in by shadows, edges and layers. How do I articulate my observations and ideas?


‘Mapping the building’ – I have done a bit of research into mapping – google throws up images of all kind of ‘maps’ – maps of the internet are particularly interesting – tracing information connections – beautiful and intruiging.

Maps – combine intention, function and beauty.

But there are so many ways in which I could map this building without drawing ‘a map’ – with sound, words, footsteps, colour, string, numbers. So I have been looking at how artists use mapping – walking, recording, drawing, performance.

I am struck by the sounds, smellls and textures of the building and have begun to make tracings of the building – wax, crayon and graphite on cotton. – how will this idea develop?

Its interesting to see new meanings in everyday objects when they are removed from thier context.


A couple of images of our new college building. The first (short) project is to ‘map’ the building in some way….


Today I returned for my 5th year of part-time study – in the College’s new buildings in a very large Victorian Gothic buliding in Hereford. It has been transformed over the last few months into a huge blank canvas and today hundreds of students swarmed through the building in amazement at the fantastic surroudings. It feels as if several birthdays have all come along at once – I can’t really believe that its happening – so I am going back tomorrow to check!

Our tutors have impressed on us the importance of utliising the new space fully and making the most of the new opportunities that lie before us – including working between year groups more and between disciplines, now that we are all in one building.

Very exciting times lie ahead for the degree students of HCA.

Huge gratitude to staff and contractors who have worked so hard in pulling it all together.