I am delighted to have been included in Society of Scottish Artists 4x4x4 Lothian video. These are rapid-fire presentations from 4 artists, discussing 4 pieces of their work, in 4 mins. It was quite a challenge to work out what I wanted to present and say (and then remember it all)! The beauty of these presentations is the span of work produced by different artists members in the society, it was an honour to be selected to present with them.

If you are tight on time I’m at 20.45, but I recommend watching them all as its fascinating to see everyone’s process!

Visit SSA to watch >>
Also included in this presentation are Luke Vinnicombe, Alison Kinnaird and Katie Hallam, all artists worth checking out!


With covid comes change… adapt or…

I am a member of two Scottish societies who hold annual Opens, often together, this year they have both opted to hold an Online show. Thankfully, as we need to get our work out there!

Firstly the Scottish Society of Artists 30 X 30 Online Edition, features unselected works from members, the work has to be 30 x 30 cm or under and be priced at £250 or under (excl postage)

26 Nov – 20 Dec 2020

Secondly F L O W – Visual Arts Society Members’ Winter Exhibition is a full selected works Open exhibition online for the first time.

1st Dec 2020 – 21 Jan 2021

Please check them out and enjoy a feast for your eyes!



I have 6 Arisaema watercolour paintings at Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh until 24th Oct. Book a visit on 0131 557 1020 or [email protected] or visit online www.openeyegallery.co.uk

This is Ariseama costatum, I was initially entranced with the colour and shape of the flower with its super long spadix, however as I watched it grow and develop, I also became hugely attracted to the leaf, it reminds me of an elephant head! The carmine edging to the leaves is so spectacular. I also love the deep chocolate colour at the top of the peduncle holding up the fruits.

This painting was completed over 2 years, in the first summer and autumn I painted the flower and fruit, then the next summer I worked on the leaf.

I thought you might like to see some of the measured drawings, colour matching and test bits that go into making up a painting like this and how they can be collaged together when necessary.

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I have 12 Ink shoots pieces in my show at The Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh – on until the 24th October. Book to visit 0131 557 1020 or [email protected] or visit online at www.openeyegallery.co.uk

These are made with a dip pen and Japanese ink paste on Lambeth cartridge paper.

I began documenting my Arisaema growing shoots back in 2016 when I first observed the shoots opening their cataphylls and unpacking the amazing plants within. They looked so sculptural, and I immediately began to see them in an anthropomorphic way, communing with each other with their insectile and alien formation.

This Arisaema cilliatum has such a delicate grace which I felt needed to dance across the page. I wasn’t sure initially whether to include 3 or 4 stems… so left myself room to add or not. I really loved the step down from full flower to wrapped spathe to brand new bud and tightly wound leaflets unfurling from its protective sheaves. I love the way it points a single leaflet upwards as it goes through its next growth stage. A challenge with this piece was to keep the foliage softer and to give the inflorescence more punch.

Thanks go to Detail Framing Studio in Edinburgh for the lovely presentation, these pieces are float mounted, allowing the full sheets to sit within the frame space.


I have 5 screenprints in my current show at the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh. On until the 24th October – you can visit online if you can’t get there in person – www.openeyegallery.co.uk

I first tried printmaking a few years ago at Edinburgh College of Art and was so excited that I could barely sleep the night before each class!

Early this year after trying a couple of access courses last autumn, I did some sessions at Edinburgh Printmakers new studios. What a wonderful environment to work in!
I wanted to see if I could work with some of my existing ink drawings, stripping the tones down further and then pumping them back full with colour and geometric form. The colours were matched to tones within my watercolour paintings.

I REALLY loved this process and the results. I think the final presentation which is float mounted on a charcoal board with a dark grey frame is perfect to set off the colours, thank to the advice from

Detail Framing Studio in Edinburgh!

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