Hi I have recently graduated as a botanical artist with a Diploma from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE). It’s a fascinating subject, obviously you work with plants and fortunately having an affiliation with the RBGE you have access to their resources, including extensive plant collection, herbarium, and botanists, so necessary when researching a new topic!

I source and usually grow my subjects/plants and learn their nature before I work with them. I spend a while watching them and (hopefully) nurturing them, which leads to a deep connection (and affection)and insight into their growing cycle that lends life and realism to my paintings and art work. I get very attached to them. I do have a house and garden full of past subjects!

I specialise in detail. I create photorealistic depictions of the plants that I work with to demonstrate the structures, patterns and tones within my specimens.

My principle media is watercolour. I specialise in a drybrush technique (with a little wash to add an underlay of tone). I also use fine drawing pens to create measured drawings and I create looser work using a dip pen and Japanese ink paste.

I am in my first year post graduation preparing for the Pittenweem Arts Festival in August, consolidating some of my diploma work and working on ideas for my new collection going forward. I’m also working on the professional side of the business, working on my website, professional presentation and the like.

If you would like to see some of my work please visit my website www.mariannehazlewood.co.uk.


I have two pieces in the new Visual Arts Scotland show at the RSA Edinburgh Gallery on the mound in Edinburgh. This is very exciting, again a new opportunity for me as a botanical artists to have my work on show alongside contemporary artists and craftspeople, and a fantastic opportunity to be viewed by visitors to the prestigious gallery on the Mound.

I’m very much looking forwards to the show which opens this Saturday the 26th January and runs until the 22nd February.
The pieces that I have entered are a continuation of the ink works that I have been creating to document the growing Ariseama shoots that I grow in my garden. I love these new plants they look so ‘other’ in their developmental stages.

To see a bit more about the show and the amazing work which has been selected and curated for it please visit the VAS site.


At the RSA Edinburgh Gallery on the Mound

I have been fortunate to be selected to have two of my fern paintings included, along with some smaller pieces in the 30cm x 30cm category.

It was a bit of an experiment sending botanical illustration to a contemporary open, and I am over the moon to have been selected. If you would like to see my Dryopteris sieboldii and Dryopteris affinis alongside many other fantastic contemporary works, and for an inspirational treat, head along to the RSA between the 17th December and the 17th of January.

The exhibition comprises painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, video and performance art featuring established and new artists based in Scotland and internationally.

Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
23 Dec 2018 – 17 Jan 2019, Mon-Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sun: 12pm – 5pm
CLOSED 25 & 26 DEC
1 Jan: 12pm – 5pm
Entry: £2, SSA Members FREE, children and young people FREE
For more information visit the SSA website

I have been along a few times this week as a “tell me what to do and I’ll do it” body* helping with the set up and I am very excited to be included and I can’t wait to see all the work up on the walls and installed!


I am currently in the last stages of preparation for my first solo exhibition, which will be commencing on: Friday 3rd August at the Pittenweem Arts Festival 2018 (Venue 26, 4 West Shore). It runs from the 4th to the 12th, 10am – 5pm.

I’ve tried to anticipate how much I will need, I have originals, prints and cards, so fingers crossed it’s all going to work out.

Here is a piece from one of the sets of work that will be on display, I worked on the lifecycle of 5 different Arisaema, this one Arisaema costatum goes through such beautiful stages in its life cycle, I have worked on illustrations of the tubers, the growing shoots unfurling and then the plant in flower and in fruit.

I’m excited to see how my work looks hung altogether as a whole, but slightly worried that botanical illustration might not fire too many folks buttons… the proof will be in the pudding!

Fingers crossed, I hope to see some of you there :)