I applied for a post with Arts Council England and I had some feedback, which has brightened my outlook a little, I am very proud of my application, it took a lot to apply for the post, and I know I could have done that but hey ho here we go….

After finishing the book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, I am proud to say that I can now start on my next book, LEAN IN WOMEN, WORK, AND THE WILL TO LEAD by Sheryl Sandberg.

It is vital to put away our gadgets and distractions, and reading helps me a lot, yes it is hard at times I can sometimes only manage a page, or even a sentence and other days like today I manage to read three small chapters! to finish reading the book. So now I will be reading a Sheryl Sandberg book, I am unsure if she actually wrote it herself, but it will be an interesting read, I am sure of that.


My artist journey has changed BIG TIME!!

Yes no longer do I figure things out, think obscure and whimsical things that not many can affiliate with, no longer do I make art just for the sake of making art.

I serve a higher purpose and you will find our on here as I progress with trying out my Prototype Project. As Ann Rea says “Progress not perfection”. She’s amazing. Her mission to give back power to the artists rather than to galleries and tax avoiding investors and collectors. Giving genuine emotional connections in the artworks for collectors is far more potent financially and artist reputation, rather than hanging work up in the hope someone will want to buy some art done by an artist.

The course means you have to have a mindset shift. And Ann takes you through every step. It’s called ”Making Art Making Money” and it’s amazing!!! There’s an article link here to my write up of what I came to realise on the course.
And I am part of The New Creative Class led by Ann Rea Inc: Making Art Making Money this is what she and we stand for:
The New Creative Class
1. We don’t just show our art. We sell our art.

2. We don’t just dream of success.  We plan for success.

3. We don’t donate or discount our art. We get paid.

4. We don’t sell goods or services. Our product is emotion.

5. We don’t use sleazy sales tactics. We inspire.

6. We don’t compete with other artists. We create unique value.

7. We don’t enter contests. We celebrate our tribe.

8. We don’t sell ourselves. We serve our mission.


find out for yourself how amazing life as an artist can be!!!


Being an artist doesn’t mean you have to struggle!

I am happy now I have applied for the a-n Coaching sessions, only yesterday I finished reading the Jen Sincero book and she has mentioned all along at getting a coach, but where to start looking for one with arts experience? Well thank you a-n for the email in my inbox to apply for a session. Much needed. Yes I have some big ideas but one has to start somewhere, when that landed in my inbox, I just had to figure out what I need and I have given it thought and realised what help I need. Yup some kickin’ass as Jen Sincero would say, in the kindest and most genuine way. Everyone who reads her books know she wants us all to do well, I have both of mine signed by her!! Thank you Marie Claire… where it all began was with me and attending those events by Marie Claire.

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In lots of advice as artists you find out as you become an artist the ways and whys of how to get ones work seen and shown, and recognised. What I am sure of is that my work is messy, life is messy, the detail as humans is emotionally messy, well, mine is anyway.

Aesthetica magazine launched their arts competition and I have entered A Breast – it is a series of three works relating to my mother’s breast cancer experience and how it affected and affects me still. We are intrinsically linked to the flesh of our mothers. As a woman I am similar to my mother in some ways, now we are not even, she has had a breast taken off her. The messy lumps taken away. My Mum thankfully is okay, it is always on my mind, I love my Mum.

Even though I was the last to know due to my sister putting it on Facebook (FaceAche!!) my Mum had to tell me before I saw it on there. It is vital that the person with cancer has the power, the only power to choose when to tell people themselves. My sis took that away from my Mum. And I lost friends as they found out via my Sister’s feed that I had not told them something so big and emotionally challenging, hurt that I had not told them before it became public knowledge all I can say is my Mum chose not to tell me straight away, because she was being a brilliant Mum by letting me finish my dissertation so that I could easily complete that without worrying of her, such a selfless act, what an incredible woman. These works are my tribute to her dignity and strength and power, and my gratitude. She was the one to tell me, but for the Grace of God.